My name is Todor Vasilev Todorov. I was born in 1949. I am married and I have two daughters - Mariana (LZ3HA) and Tanya.





I first went to the radio club LZ2KML in 1961, and from 1970 I am in LZ1KSP and LZ7J in Plovdiv. Since 2010 I am a member of LZ5R contest club.
I am using a short wave transceiver IC - 756 pro III (100 w). Linear amplifaer ACOM 1000 (1 KW).

My antennas include:

- OptiBeam 11-3

- OptiBeam 1-4030

On the 2 meters band I am using an walkie talkie ICOM - V-8 and 13 element SWAN antenna. I prefer working in the short waves band and participate in competitions. I have won many of them.

If you would like to contact me, feel free to send me an e-mail at: